Florida Bus Driver Rescued Children from Fire

Amen Clinics hailed Florida bus driver Kristina Buhrman as a "hero" after she rescued 40 children from the smoke filled school bus that she was driving.

Children alerted Buhrman that smoke was filling the back of the bus at approximately 7:15, on the morning of December 3rd. The driver immediately pulled over to evacuate the vehicle. Buhrman called 9-1-1 as the smoke thickened and the children filed off of the bus.

8 Dead In New York Super Snow Storm

According to BuzzFeedNews, eight people were killed in a massive snow storm that hit New York. This information was shared with me via the Twitter of Darius Fisher. Weather reports say another three feet of snow is expected for the area continuing into Friday night. The Lake Effect has a lot to do with this heavy snowfall, hence the Great Lakes.

Rand Paul Votes Against USA Freedom Act

A bill sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) failed to reach cloture today. The bill, The USA Freedom Act, only received 58 votes. The bill needed 60 votes for cloture. Many voted against the bill because they thought the bill went too far. Surprisingly, libertarian leaning Senator and possible Presidential candidate Rand Paul voted against it because the bill did not go far enough.

Window Washers Dangle from One World Trade Center

Two window washers were glad to be back on the ground again after dangling for 90 minutes from the One World Trade Center building. The incident began when the scaffolding cable started to loosen on one side. The pair were then left dangling on the 69th floor of the tallest building in the

Mike Tyson Incident Showcases Societal Issues

In an article on Buzzfeedabout a Mike Tyson interview on Sirius Radio, Mike revealed he was a victim of childhood abuse, and one of those present in the room had a very disturbing reaction.
There are two ways to look at this situation.
At first, one tends to think: "Here's Mike Tyson, just trying to reveal some alleged hurt from his past to rationalize his misbehaviors - or to spin himself a more sympathetic persona."

Gov. Christie Strikes Back

After seeing the CDC repeatedly changing their tune about Ebola risks, Governor Christie in New Jersey joined forces with New York Governor Cuomo and came up with a plan to minimize potential infection in their respective states. Their policy requires that travelers returning West Africa and had contact with an Ebola patient undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine.

Abott Threatened by Australian IS Member

The militant group the Islamic State has been attracting recruits from all around the world, and from all age groups. But recently, a teenager from Australia has appeared in a video speaking for IS, threatening the Prime Minsiter of Austrlia Tony Abbott and the President of the US, Barack Obama.

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